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How To Choose The Best Satin Lipstick Colors

How To Choose The Best Satin Lipstick Colors

Lipsticks are the most common makeup type—more than 99% of women who wear makeup own lipstick products. Even women who do not wear heavy or any makeup have owned lipstick at one point in their lives. The market is packed with a wide range of lipsticks and lipstick colors from which you can choose. Satin lips or lipsticks are particularly very common.

What are satin lipsticks

Satin lipsticks, also known as sheer, are commonly used by people looking to nourish and moisturize their lips. They help give you a glossy and shiny finish because they contain a lot of oils. This is also why they may appear lighter when put on than when they are in the package. They are perfect for glamorous events because they produce a classy, charming, and gorgeous look. Satin lipsticks, like most types in the market, come in a wide range of colors.

Tips for choosing the right lipstick color

Below are some critical tips for choosing the best lip color;

1. Go two shades darker than your natural lip color

According to re-known makeup artist Bobby Brown, the best lipstick color should be one or two shades darker than your lips’ natural color. Using this tip to choose your lip color will help you find something flattering to your face. Wearing such lip color is also more comfortable. You can select this color by testing the lipstick on one lip then leaving the other one blank to compare the two shades.

2. Consider the size of your lips

The size of your lips is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best lip color. If you have thinner lips, you should stay away from dark shades. Dark shades tend to highlight the small size of your lips. Lighter hues tend to give an illusion that your lips are larger. Creamy and tinted lipsticks or glosses tend to add plumpness and fulness to your lips. On the other hand, if you have larger lips, you should use dark shades to help you flaunt your full lips.

3. Consider your skin tone

You also need to determine your skin tone if you want to get the right lipstick color. If you have a light skin complexion, then pale pink, peach, dusty red, nude, and coral colors would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you have a skin tone that is medium, go for rose, berry, mauve, and cherry red. For tan skin tones, deep pink, bright red, and other bold colors would do the trick. Finally, if your skin tone is deep, you should try brow and purple shades.

4. Consider the shape of your lips

The shape of your lips is also a vital factor to consider. Bright lipstick shades work perfectly for people with top-heavy lips. On the other hand, people with bottom-heavy lips can rock any color and blend it with some light nude color in the middle.


You can also select your lip color depending on the color of your hair and your outfit. Some people go as far as to use the color of their eyes to determine the right shade of lipstick. However, the fashion industry has evolved so much that anyone can get away with any lip color with whichever style.


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