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Picking a Durable Hose Reel the Right Way

Picking a Durable Hose Reel the Right Way

When it comes to gardening and outdoor cleaning, you will need a durable hose reel. After all, you spent money on it and it is only natural that you would want it to last longer. Obviously, the most durable products will also cost more – but do you really need to go for the pricier models? It actually depends on how you will be using the hose.

Some people make the mistake of choosing their garden hoses based on the size of their garden. Although the size does matter, it is not the basis of how durable your hose should be. You should consider the tasks that you plan to do with the hose.

For instance, you bought a light-duty garden hose because you have a small yard. But later, you find it inadequate for cleaning your car. This is why it is important to consider what duties you will be doing before you make a final purchase.

Light to medium duty

If you only plan to use the garden hose for light and medium duties, you can settle for hoses made out of cheaper material and those that perform with low pressure. Light to medium work includes watering delicate plants, bathing your pet outdoors, or simply something to clean off your shoes during rainy days before you enter the house.

Most light-duty garden hoses are made out of vinyl. It is not the best material but it can last for a good number of gardening seasons as long as you take care of them and maintain them properly.

The standard light-duty garden hose has a diameter of half an inch and most are as long as 50 to 100 feet.

Heavy duty

Heavy-duty garden hoses are naturally more expensive since they need to be made out of more durable materials to keep up with their surroundings and function. Most of these materials are thicker, and therefore, heavier. You may find them difficult to navigate.

Heavy-duty tasks include cleaning the car, cleaning your grounds, and other cleaning tasks that need strong water pressure.

Heavy-duty garden hoses come with a larger diameter to carry more water and have larger water pressure.

It is best to purchase a heavy-duty durable hose reel if you have rough terrain or extreme weather conditions in your area. A heavy-duty retractable garden hose is more durable and will be able to withstand going through sharp edges and weather damage.

Do the kink test

If you are shopping for the garden hose locally, you should do the kink test. Durability is not the only important factor to consider. A good hose should also be flexible so it can be easy to maneuver. However, it should not be so flexible that it kinks easily. Rubber and reinforced hoses are less likely to kink compared to other materials.

When shopping, do the kink test. All you have to do is bend the hose into a U shape. If it kinks, you should consider another product. Doing this test is important since kinking leads to the eventual splitting of the hose’s material. It is the most common reason why garden hoses do not last as long as you would like them to.

Last thoughts

Remember, when purchasing a durable hose reel, you should not mind spending more money on them since they are an investment that you will be using for several years. With these tips in mind, we are sure that you will be able to make a worthy purchase.


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