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Picking the Perfect Flower Pot for Your Flower Collection

Picking the Perfect Flower Pot for Your Flower Collection

Many people these days are into growing plants. Thus, the need for traditional and pot de fleur is increasing. These pots are made from different materials, and some will fit your plant collection better while others will not. It is necessary to get a pot big enough to support plant growth and have a drainage hole.

Various Types of Flower Pots

The pots you choose will depend on the type of plants you will grow. Aesthetic is not as essential as functionality, so you should wisely select which kind of flower pots will best suit your plants.


In the past, pots are only made of clay. It is readily available and is recommended for growing plants. But, this type of pot is heavy and costly. Even with the slightest bump or dropping it unintentionally, it breaks easily. Some get crack in freezing temperature. The clay pot allows good air exchange because it is porous.

This type of pot is not helpful during summer as it absorbs heat well. If you are willing to spend $20 for pots, look for frost-proof terra cotta. The glazed and fired clay pots are the most weatherproof pots.


Plastic pots are versatile in aesthetic, durable, cost less, and lightweight. Some plastic pots have realistic finishes that imitate concrete, stone, or terracotta, and others have rolled rims to make them look thick. Cheaper plastic pots may fade and crack easily. The more expensive ones made of polypropylene do not break easily and offer good insulation.

The good thing about plastic flower pots is that you don’t need to water them often, unlike clay, and offer better insulation. If your plants require heat, it is best to choose dark-colored plastic posts as it absorbs more heat than light-colored pots.

Glazed Ceramics

This type of pot is the most colorful and ranges from earthen tones to bright, vibrant glazes. The styles vary and are ideal for growing plants. And since the glazed ceramics pots are not subjected to freeze damage, it is good to invest in them. The bigger sizes may cost you a bit, and it is heavy. It breaks and cracks when dropped.


If you can afford expensive flower pots, go for fiberglass. This type of pot is durable, lightweight, and stylish. Plants can grow well in fiberglass pots. The problem is it is hard to find and has fewer sizes and styles. Fiberglass is brittle and cracks easily. Some of the design includes wood-like, stone-like, and others. For plants that produce colorful flowers, this is the best option.


If you are looking for affordable, classy, and durable flower pots, concrete is the best option. You can find it for sale on wayside shops, plant stores, and local shops. It is designed to help plants grow freely and healthier. Concrete pots are heavy and expensive in large sizes, making them hard to carry home or place in the garden.


Your pots option will depend on the type of plants you choose to grow. Some flowering plants require bigger pots to grow healthier. Others can survive even in smaller pots. Make sure you choose the right pots for the type of plant you intend to grow.


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