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Popular Types Of Backpack Materials

Popular Types Of Backpack Materials

Online stores are the go-to place to get a wide range of items. From electronics to makeup and accessories, these platforms does not fall short of options. Items like backpacks (sac à dos femme) are trendy among users of these platforms. These platforms features a wide range of backpack designs and materials. Below are some of the most common backpack materials;

1. Leather

Leather is one of the oldest and best materials for making backpacks. Leather is sourced from animal skins. Note that there is also a vegan leather option which is made from polyethylene synthetics. Therefore, if you are eco-conscious, this does not mean that you have to do away with your passion for leather bags completely.

Advantages of leather

  • It is a beautiful material
  • Leather backpacks look more refined and better as they age. However, this is only the case with high-quality and authentic leather.
  • Leather backpacks are very durable
  • They are strong, meaning that they can withstand heavy loads

2. Cotton canvas

Cotton canvas is a cost-efficient and non-heavyweight material made from rough woven cotton. It is a great and common material used to make backpacks and other types of bags. Backpacks made from cotton canvas are usually coated with wax which makes them waterproof.

Advantages of cotton canvas

  • Cotton canvas bags are typically very inexpensive
  • They are comparatively lightweight
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are attractive, and they come in a wide range of colors and designs

The downside to cotton canvas bags is that they are prone to damage by abrasion. They are also not as durable as their counterparts. Most of the time, when these bags are washed and not dried and stored correctly, they start to rot and decompose.

3. Nylon

Nylon backpacks are currently very trendy. Nylon is a synthetic material used to make a wide variety of backpack types and designs. Nylon backpacks are usually easy to clean and beautiful. Note that nylon comes in a wide range of varieties like ripstop and ballistic nylon. The various types differ in quality and cost. However, their differences are not too significant.

Advantages of nylon

  • Nylon backpacks are easy to clean
  • They are attractive
  • They are easy to maintain

On the other hand, nylon bags also have some downsides. For instance, they are not as durable as their counterparts since they are prone to tears.

4. Denin

Denin is a trendy material that was initially only used to make jeans and workwear. However, currently, the material is used to create a wide range of items, including backpacks. Backpacks made using denim are usually attractive, durable, and stylish.

Advantages of denim

  • Denim is one of the most robust fabrics in existence
  • Denim backpacks are stylish
  • They are durable

The downside of denim is that it tends to fade over time due to constant use and washing.


Note that all the materials mentioned above and others have both pros and cons. This means that no material is 100% perfect. Therefore, when choosing the best backpack material, it would be best to consider both advantages and downsides of each available material. By doing this, you will be able to make an informed decision.


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