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The Process of Charging an Acer Laptop Battery

The Process of Charging an Acer Laptop Battery

After falling on the 4th place in 2018, Acer is now topping the list of the best laptops in the world. The company has made tremendous innovations heading into 2020, including the impossibly existing slim Acer Swift. It continues to provide its users with the best overall selections around, with gaming machines and chargers for different budgets. Speaking of the Acer laptop charger, Acer prides itself on launching various models such as 75W, 90W, as well as 60W. These models are relatively interchangeable, meaning they can be used on different popular Acer laptops.   

So what are some of the most impressive features that Acer laptops have?

1. Key Strengths

a. Excellent value, as well as selection- Acer’s laptop lineup, has a variety for everyone. From the entry-level machines such as Acer Chromebook 15 to speedy ultrabooks such as the Acer Swift 7 machines.

b. Innovative nature- Acer is still on the verge of pushing the envelope when looking at the laptop designs and delivering the thinnest laptops ever.

c. Superior customer support- Acer has employed top-notch phone agents for swift as well as reliable customer service. The tech support team is reliable and can provide accurate answers promptly.  

2. Charging Your Acer Laptop

Owning an Acer laptop makes it pretty much viable to consolidate media and projects into a single device, making it easy to run a business, manage music, and all forms of machines fitting into a travel bag.

Of course, these features would be useless if your laptop does not have power. Acer laptops are pretty much user-friendly such that even the least-tech-savvy comp owners should not have an issue charging the battery. Here is how:

Step 1 – begin by turning off the computer to ensure that it is secure in the bay. You can always locate the Acer’s battery by turning the gadget over too. The rectangular piece is about half the total length of the machine, and the bay is in the edge.

Step 2- Plug in one end of the AC’s adapter or cable which came with the computer into the side of the Acer and then plug in the other end into the closest power source.

You can always charge while using the device when it is on.  However, it is clearly recommended that you put the device’s power off before changing the battery first. This should cut the charge time instantly, usually, be half.

Step 3- Verify the battery indicator found on the AC adapter is the right amber color. If it keeps flashing various colors, then that implies that your battery is clearly overheating.

If this happens to be the case, then you can always remove the AC adapter and then wait for 10 minutes for the battery to cool off prior to recharging it again.

Step 4 – remove the AC adapter immediately it registers a green color. This should imply that a look completely charges your battery at the indicator light right above the keyboard and on the right side of your Acer.

Final Thoughts

Should you condition your battery before using it the first time? Yes, there is a viable conditioning process you need to follow. This should help ensure that the battery accepts the best possible charge. Failure to follow the procedure will vividly prevent you from gaining the maximum charge. It may also shorten your battery’s lifespan.



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