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Top Tips to Earn Millions of FIFA 21 PS4 Coins

Top Tips to Earn Millions of FIFA 21 PS4 Coins

With the help of silver and bronze packs, you can significantly increase the number of coins in your account. You can do that in just several days of smart trading. Check out our guide on how to earn FIFA 21 ps4 coins the intelligent way – using silver and bronze packs.

But before we go into how you earn FIFA 21 coins, remember not to invest in golden packs. The market is regularly saturated with Gold cards and diminishes its value. In most cases, the vast majority of the people buying gold packs manage to recoup only half of what they’ve invested. So, don’t be part of those statistics. After all, if you want gold packs, you can earn them without spending a ton of coins by completing SBCs, division rival rewards, squad battle rewards, and so on.

How to sell cards when they are worth most?

The thing is every player card in FIFA tends to hit a top value at some point during the year. The art of making a high profit is about knowing when to sell them for maximum profit.

For instance, every Thursday evening, there are throwback marquee matchups. Thanks to that, an army of FIFA players start browsing the transfer market. And by a small army, we mean hundreds of thousands of players are searching for their much-needed cards to complete these challenges.

Now, if you got these cards, you can easily complete the challenges and then sell them at a top price. That can bring you substantial profits.

Opening a bronze pack

Your top priority should be players from ITA1, ENG1, GER1, SPA1, BEL1, SAU1, TUR1, POR1, CHN1, NED1, MLS, AND ENG2. Assumingly you plan to do SBCs in those leagues, keep the players in your club. If not, their place is on the transfer list.

Fill your transfer list with both duplicates and healing player cards. List both player and squad fitness cards for one hour. Make sure that all shiny bronze player contract cards stay in your club. Then there are non-shiny manager contract cards and standard player contract cards that are good for Quick sell.

Opening a silver pack

Same as with bronze packs, give priority to players from SPA1, ENG1, ENG2, ITA1, GER1, TUR1, FRA1, MLS, SAU1, TUR1, BEL1, and NED1. Those that can’t be used for SBCs should be sent directly to transfer lists. On the other hand, those that can be used for SBCs, they need to be kept until the next marquee matchup or a new SBC. It’s never a good idea to sell any player quickly.

If you need to earn some coins fast, then quick sell duplicate payers, standard player contracts, player training cards, manager cards, badges, stadiums, and balls. Of course, that’s unless they are part of a bigger strategy. Everything else is pretty much identical to your approach to bronze packs.

In conclusion

Silver and bronze packs can pay big dividends. However, this method requires patience and carefully monitoring the market. Manage to master that, and your coin wallet will always be flying high.


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